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To provide excellent pulmonary, critical care and sleep treatment to the Southern Colorado community. Also to provide education to students, residents and fellows of Rocky Mountain Vista.

Pueblo Pulmonary AssociatesDr. Harvey Phelps started Pueblo Pulmonary Associates in 1976 when he opened a medical practice devoted solely (exclusively) to the care of patients with lung diseases. He established Respiratory Therapy Departments in both Pueblo Hospitals and was instrumental in initiating Black Lung screening and treatment programs in Southern Colorado for coal miners suffering from occupationally related lung disease.
Dr. Dumont Clark joined PPA In 1979 and expanded the expertise of the practice from pulmonary and occupational lung diseases to include critical care and sleep disorders. He had a very active interest in teaching and during his thirty-year career not only taught medical residents but was responsible for developing, promoting, and sustaining the Respiratory Therapy program at PCC and for mentoring a generation of Respiratory Therapists.
Pueblo PulmonaryUpon his arrival in 1995, Dr. Craig Shapiro began expanding the service area of the practice by opening Pulmonary and Sleep Disorder outpatient clinics in several Southern Colorado cities. He felt such clinics were important to provide more accessible care for the many patients too debilitated to travel long distances. He too shared a passion for teaching and since Dr. Clark's retirement has assumed Dr. Clark's role in student medical education and has expanded it to include Parkview's Medical Student, Residency, and Fellowship programs.
Dr. Shapiro, Dr. Josiah Gordon, Dr. Junqueira, Dr. Borbely, and Kati Foechterle, DNP are the current associates. They provide medical services in the fields of Pulmonary and Occupational Lung Diseases, Critical Care Medicine, and Sleep Medicine. The practice oversees the medical direction of both Pueblo hospital's Intensive Care Units, Sleep Labs, and Respiratory Therapy Departments. They also provide direction and teaching for the Respiratory Training Program at PCC and the Pulmonary/ Critical Care portion of the medical student, residency, and fellowship medical programs at Parkview Hospital.
The practice maintains outpatient clinics in Pueblo, Alamosa, Canon City, La Junta, Lamar, and Scott City, KS. 

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