Our Mission / Our Goal

To provide excellent pulmonary, critical care and sleep treatment to the Southern Colorado community. Also to provide education to students, residents and fellows of Rocky Mountain Vista.

Our Doctors

We partner with West Winds to care for a unique group of patients with complex medical and respiratory issues. Many of these patients are ventilator or tracheostomy dependent. We work with these patients on a daily, long-term basis to optimize their respiratory health with the goal of eliminating the need for mechanical ventilation. Depending on individual patient needs, removing the tracheostomy tube (decanulation) is also often achieved.

We are available for free consultation with patients or their families considering Long Term Acute Care. This conversation can help families and patients familiarize themselves with our ventilator weaning process, address concerns about transition of care, and allow you an opportunity to ask questions. Please call 719-564-1542 to arrange for this “pre-consultation”, which can be done over the phone, or in person.

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Pueblo Pulmonary Associates

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1600 N Grand Ave # 140, Pueblo, CO 81003

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